We offer a wide range of managed services from total IT infrastructure management to selective services according to our customer needs. Some of our services include:

  • Server and computer hardware SLA (Service Level Agreement)

We cover server, computer and various hardware through our comprehensive SLA plans adapted to the requirements of our customers. Replacement servers and equipment are also included in our SLAs.

  • Server and desktop O/S and Application SLA

Our software SLAs can cover server and desktop operating systems together with a wide range of server and desktop applications.

  • Proactive System Monitoring

Automated proactive monitoring services for servers and workstations can also be added to our managed services offering.

  • Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 plans are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of customer needs.

  • Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure services range from offsite backup/storage to complete systems running in the cloud for maximum uptime, agility and security.

  • Design and Implementation

We can design your complete on premise server system depending on your computing needs with the possibility of future expansion if needs be.

  • Server System Optimization

Our know-how in server systems can be used to perform a survey of your current slow performing computer system and provide solutions to optimize it

  • Migration to New Systems

Our extensive experience in infrastructure systems migration to more up-to-date systems for a more robust and faster server system is available to you

  • Security Audit
  • Our certified security specialists can perform a full security audit of your system and provide a report of the vulnerabilities and ways to remove or mitigate them.
  • System Infrastructure Audit
  • Are you confident on your current IT infrastructure? We can carry out a full infrastructure audit of your system and report and problem as per well-known international standards
  • Unified Threat Management Appliances

Threats like viruses, malware, ransomware and hacker attacks are becoming more and more virulent and common. We propose appliances at your Internet gateway level to provide optimal protection against these threats. Also, the appliances control access to Internet and deny access to rogue sites that are known to be dangerous. Finally, detailed reports on Internet usage can be generated at any time.

  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions

Providing the proper protection at endpoints is considered vital for protecting your network, data and applications. We offer best of breed solutions that are backed by leading security vendors.

  • Automated IT System Auditing Solutions

All too often after a breach, it is found that no evidence can be gathered from the available system logs. Our auditing solutions have been proved to be invaluable in evidence gathering. Examples include deleted company files and mails, attempts to access protected files, user logon times and so on.

  • Information Security Policy Drafting and Enforcement

Many local companies do not have any formal ISP and problems arise when employees do not behave as expected or are not informed what actions they are not supposed to do. We help companies to have their ISP completed as well as implement the enforcement of these policies wherever possible.

  • Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)

Uninterrupted access to computer systems, data and mails is becoming more and more critical to businesses nowadays. Without a proper DRP in place, businesses take the risk of disruption of service which can lead to losses and bad reputation. We can design a DRP with the required hardware and software resources so that your business is better prepared against IT disasters.

  • Backup and Recovery Services

We provide a wide range of backup hardware, software and services (including cloud backup) so that your data is protected as required.

  • Virtual Server Replication

Replication of virtual machines using Windows Server inbuilt features or using more powerful third party software can be implemented by our team. Replication is a subset of a disaster recovery plan.

  • Manual Offsite DRP

We can now offer manual disaster recovery services hosted at our premises. Until local communication costs become more affordable and faster, our services include taking a copy of your server image and restoring at our office on our servers. Should disaster strike, these servers can be brought to your office with the latest data restored on them so that your IT operations can continue to operate within a reasonable period.

  • Mail and Document Archiving

We are reseller of archiving solutions for mails and documents. These archiving solutions are also required for compliance with Government regulations for data retention. Moreover, archiving your data will also alleviate the storage and processing requirements on your production servers.

  • Storage Solutions

We offer a wide range of storage solutions (SAN, DAS, NAS, cloud) that can fulfil your data size and transfer rate requirements.

  • Scanning and OCR Solutions

We are also reseller of high throughput and wide heavy duty scanners coupled with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. Our solutions can help in approaching the paperless office objective.

  • Work Remotely

More and more people have the need to work remotely due to various reasons. We have secure solutions providing access to your office data and applications from your home or anywhere else.

Our two decade experience in the IT industry and our know-how position ourselves as natural consultants in IT. Hiring our services can prevent your business from investing in technology not appropriate to your requirements. Unfortunately, all too often we are brought in too late, after the investment in inappropriate technology has been made.

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