Buy Microsoft Azure

Buy Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Windows Azure is platform as a service whereby applications can be run. We connect cloud and on-premises with hybrid cloud capabilities and make use of open source technologies ensuring maximum portability and value from existing investments.

Why Microsoft Azure for your business?

1. Microsoft Azure is very fast

Speed of deployment, operation, scalability as well as the functionality of Azure simply can’t be compared by on-premises or even other cloud providers.

2. Agility with Azure

Businesses using Azure can develop, test, feedback and retry when developing their applications thus exploring new avenues and technologies.

3. Azure’s global reach

For a business to have their services running in data-centres globally, Azure provides the power to modify the global footprint of their application dynamically as performance and utilisation changes.

4. Fully integrated development environment into Azure

Another plus of Azure services is Visual Studio; the world’s leading development environment and the tools to build Azure solutions demonstrating its business focus intensity.

For example: Internet of Things has been integrated with Microsoft Azure to collate, visualise, interpret and act of health data that is taken from smart watches.

5. Azure has a fully integrated delivery pipeline

Azure’s unified delivery pipeline:

  • Source control
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Delivery
  • Go live tools

These ensure great continuity and reduce risk of integration failure creating a compelling business case.

6. Disaster recovery in Azure

With data being transferred globally, Azure covers in-built fail-over and disaster recovery capabilities with regional and global fail-over options, hot and cold standby models as well as rolling reboot capabilities that work out of the box putting them far beyond the plain-old storage option.

7. Flexible expenditure as an Azure benefit

With Azure, one can spend more to get more; if they want it done faster or with more volume, they can use Azure to put more resources to work. That is regardless of changes, there is no restructure of infrastructure needed.

8. Microsoft Azure security

Azure ensures secure and seamless logon for their users whether business to business or for individuals. The users can use social networking accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn to login to services thus not storing user data and making them less prone to be hacked. Moreover, Azure Single Sign-on helps eliminate a great deal of problematic issues arising with password protecting highly confidential data.

9. Azure is compliant

All the companies benefiting from Azure can rely on Microsoft having done the heavy work when it comes to compliance. With certain industries like finance coming under more pressure than ever before, this will enable great resource reallocation.

10. Azure can be deployed anywhere

With great tools like Azure Stack, companies can use their data centre as if it’s Azure. They can use a single model to deploy on-premises and to the cloud.

Buy Microsoft Azure February 22, 2017

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